Unter/über 2,5 Tore Tipps


Predictions under and over 2.5 goals tips for today’s football matches. Free goal line predictions and betting tips for today and the weekend.

Football Stats

*with each bet Stake= 100€

Football Stats


Zeit Liga Heimteam Auswärtsmannschaft Tipp Quoten
00:00Brazil Serie CFlorestaFerroviarioUNDER1.53
01:00Copa LibertadoresBolivarPalestinoOVER1.50
01:00Copa LibertadoresFlamengoMillonariosOVER1.48
01:00Ecuador Liga Pro Serie BUT CotopaxiSan AntonioOVER2.20
01:30Colombia Primera BReal CartagenaHuilaUNDER1.65
01:30World CONMEBOL SudamericanaDelfin SCReal TomayapoUNDER2.05
01:30World CONMEBOL SudamericanaInternacionalBelgrano CordobaUNDER1.70
01:30World CONMEBOL SudamericanaRacing ClubSportivo LuquenoOVER1.50
11:00Japan J-LeagueYokohama F-MarinosKashiwa ReysolOVER1.62
11:30South Korea K League 1Daejeon Hana CitizenJeju UnitedOVER1.95
15:15United Arab Emirates Pro LeagueEmirates ClubAl BataehOVER1.36
15:15United Arab Emirates Pro LeagueAjmanBaniyas SCOVER1.44
16:00Latvia VirsligaMetta / LURīgas FSOVER1.40
18:00Norway EliteserienBodo/GlimtSandefjordOVER1.36
18:00United Arab Emirates Pro LeagueAl AinAl-Wasl FCOVER1.40
18:00United Arab Emirates Pro LeagueHatta SCShabab Al Ahli DubaiOVER1.25
18:00Sweden AllsvenskanMjällby AIFBK HackenOVER1.67
18:00Norway EliteserienSK BrannKristiansund BKOVER1.33
18:00Norway EliteserienTromsoFredrikstadUNDER1.75
18:00Latvia VirsligaRigaTukumsOVER1.40
23:00Copa LibertadoresGremioDer StärksteOVER1.60
23:00Copa LibertadoresEstudiantes LPHuachipatoUNDER1.95
23:00World CONMEBOL SudamericanaLanusCuiabaUNDER1.67
23:00World CONMEBOL SudamericanaMetropolitanos FCDeportivo GarcilasoOVER1.75

*Odds correct as of date published, prices subject to change, check 1XBET for actual odds.

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Under/Over 2.5 goals Tips

Football is a difficult sport because there are very few goals scored in each match. We calculate the number of goals each team will expect to score during the match. Scorebet24 Today assigns each team a rank based on the results of the last game.

Data analysis is the first and most important step in the football prediction process. Scorebet24 Today provides mathematical football predictions that have been generated using an algorithm. We work hard to maintain that reputation by making this a great experience. We are the best online source of football predictions, updated daily for your convenience


We cover all the primary methods for football betting on our dedicated advice pages, where we offer recommended bets on football accumulators, win heights, teams, and goal scorers at all times. Betting above 2.5 is one of the most minor developed markets for betting, but that doesn’t make it any less rewarding.

There are various free football tips you can find on our site. Still, with our Under/Over 2.5 goals betting tips, you can support a more straightforward bet with a high probability of landing since it doesn’t matter which team wins, who scores, or other variables, as long as there are more than two goals in the game. Betting with various matches and goals over 2.5 is easy to come by, especially on weekends, when there is a wide range of competitions from across England and Europe.

We always strive to give Over 2.5 tips on every possible occasion. So it’s best to check back regularly to see more than 2.5 betting tips, as we’ll create a bet as soon as we watch football matches that are likely to have more than two goals.

What are Total Goals betting, and how does it work?

For decades, the “total goal” betting market has been popular online and in betting shops. The market allows you to wager the total number of goals scored during a game. There are two possible outcomes. You can bet that the total goals will be greater than or equal to a specified number of goals. We don’t care about which team wins the game or who scored the goals. It is only important that both teams score at least ninety goals during the match.

Although some bookies offer markets on total goals within extra time or penalty times, most bookmakers limit their offerings to 90 minutes plus stoppage time. You might find an over/under that has extra time. If this is the case, you should take advantage of it. It is often asked if the “own goals” count towards the overall goal results. We’d be glad to answer your question and any other person who is wondering the same. We don’t care who scores the goals, as long as the goals are scored within the allowed time.

It is impossible to guess the exact number of goals because the “particular” number we bet over or below is a decimal, not a whole. There are several types of total goal bets. Below is a list of the most commonly used:

– Over/Under 0.5 goals
– Over/Under 1.5 goals
– Over/Under 2.5 goals
Over/Under 3.5 Goals
– Over/Under the 4.5 Goals
– Over/Under 5.5 Goals


This strange name needs to be explained a little for beginners. Let’s start with “Over 2.5 goals”; this means that in a given match, Teams must score more than two goals between the two teams for you to win the bet.

This football betting market can also be shown as a “goal line greater than 2.5”. Why .5? You can’t have half a goal, so over 2.5 is more than 2, right? It might be more appropriate if they call it more than two goals, but we’ve done it, so go ahead.

A bet “under 2.5 goals” is similarly placed on two teams that score two goals or less in a match.


Easy: it can be done right here on Scorebet24.com. For each prediction of more or less than 2.5 goals, you can find regularly updated odds from various bookmakers in the form of returns peruse.

What is over 2.5 goals predictions?

Over 2.5 Goals Bet: This bet will win if at least three goals are scored between the teams. This bet is profitable on scores of 2-1, 3-2, 3-0 etc., which means more than 2.5 goals.

What is under 2.5 goals predictions?

Under 2.5 Goals Bet: This bet will win if fewer than three goals are scored in the match between the teams. This bet is profitable on scores 0-0, 1-0, 2-0 etc., which means less than 2.5 goals per game.

What are the pros and cons of betting on the over 2.5 goals market?

As with any other betting market, over 2.5 goals have advantages and disadvantages.
There are two advantages in the over 2.5 goals market. You won’t have to worry about who team win the game. The only thing that matters in a match is the total number of goals. A lot of tension from the bettor will be removed, giving them something to be excited about until the end. The over/under 2.5 goals markets offer the best odds compared to other types.
We found only one of the main flaws. It’s nothing to worry about. Over/under 2.5 goal bets have better odds than others. You have a big chance of being wrong because the odds range from over/under 0.5 goals to over/under 5.5 goals.

Things to consider when placing a bet on over 2.5 goals

When you place a bet of more than 2.5 goals on a match, there are some things that you should consider.
Although we won’t go into detail, once you have read the guidelines, you will be able to know the basics of the match before placing your bet.
You might want to consider if it is better to wait before placing your bet on the In-Play Over/Under market rather than the pre-game one, as the odds may be slightly better.
* Take advantage of the bookies’ best odds to place your wager.
* Before you place your bet, make sure to know the team composition.
* Consider whether the teams have played each other in the past and what their matches ended like.
* Are there any injured or missing key players from both teams?
* Wait until the announcement of the player lineups is made an hour before the game begins.
* To increase your odds of winning, look for matches featuring two teams with high scores playing against one another.

All this is verified and provided by our site scorebet24